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Recording notes for VK6V6-6L6 MV sound clips

These clips have been recorded by Paul K from France. Kit originally supplied with a TAD 12AX7 and Russian 6L6 .

Valves installed = Tung-Sol 12AX7 / KT88.

Guitar = 1973 Gibson Les Paul goldtop w/ DiMarzio PAF pickups (with very dead strings!)

Speaker = Celestion Heritage G12M "greenback" speaker (20w @ 8 ohms)

Effects = Boss RV-3 digital delay/reverb (I initially tried a totally dry sound but felt it did not do justice to the amp so added a drop of reverb. No other effects were used.)

Recorded from Shure SM-57 microphone into Garageband on MacBook.

Paul K.


Settings = LP neck / rhythm pickup; amp settings = 5 volume / 5 master, amp tone 6

Mind on you

Settings LP bridge / lead pickup; amp settings = 7 volume / 7 master, amp tone 6


Settings LP bridge / lead pickup; amp settings = 10 volume / 10 master, amp tone 9



Build and wiring by Paul K in France.



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