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For many years, Aston Electronics have repaired and modified mass produced pedals on demand for customers. In 2008, Aston Electronics began their Darktone Series of guitar effects pedals.

The Smooth Blues Driver Dumble overdrive special

We have launched our second Smooth Blues Driver, the Silver Edition. An improved circuit after more experimenting with components allowed us to develop a high quality pedal suitable for almost every guitarist. The 'Smooth Blues Driver' not only provides an essential blues sound fundamental to almost every guitarist, but can also be used to boosts the front end of your amp, driving your valves into a healthy natural overdrive.

With this pedal you can get a valve type over drive and distortion through the clean channel of almost any guitar amplifier either valve or transistor. From a warm blues tone to a smooth Dumble type lead tone all from the volume control on your guitar.

The following sound clips where produced using the clean channel of a transistor amp with added reverb. See the recording notes for full details.

Local musician Rob Rolph (lead guitarist from Nearly Dan, Steely Dan Tribute) recorded some samples of the 'Smooth Blues Driver' with various guitars to demonstrate the range of sounds it provides. Along with the audio samples (which have been encoded in 160kbps MP3), Rob provided us with some details of how he recorded these samples.

Click Here To View The Recording Notes

To listen to the clips online, you will need the Flash plugin. Alternatively, you can click the name of each guitar download the MP3.





Smooth Blues Driver

The 'Smooth Blues Driver' Silver Edition.

£139.00 + 7.50 P&P



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