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As Written by Rob Rolph:

Recording Notes -

Every track was recorded using the same Tech21 Trademark 60
1 x 12 combo. The "Amp" EQ and volume was set exactly the same in
each case, with a typical "F" type clean channel sound.

The Cab was mic'd "on axis" at @ 12inches with a typical live amp mic,
in this instance a sure Beta SM56.

There is no pre or post effects processing (i.e. no added compression, EQ, noise reduction, delay etc), and any reverb is that set on the combo's spring unit.

Each track is the same guitar throughout (either Telecaster/Stratocaster/ES335/Les Paul) with ever increasing pedal gain settings in each successive clip during the track .

The first sample chord in each track is "Pedal Off" amp only. All that follows is down to the
Smooth Blues Driver.

The idea is that you can directly compare each (well known) guitar model without any
audio clutter and see how the pedal's gain/eq changes alter the tonal response.

I hope you enjoy listening to them - and watch out for Captain kirk :-)

Thanks all
Rob Rolph
(Nearly Dan)

Smooth Blues Driver

Rob Rolph of Nearly Dan



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